Can't play HQPlayer thru Roon

Did a lot of reading on this and still can’t get Roon to play. Roon recognizes HQP but the minutes are not moving.

I have a Gustard R26 that has NAA built in, but haven’t paid for HQP yet because I want to see the results.

I just a need a step by step for someone who has got this to work.

Did you enable the allow control over network button in HQPlayer?

I just enabled hqplayer and disabled asio one.

No he means in HQPlayer. Once Roon gives the audio to HQPlayer, Hqplayer is in control of the distribution of the audio not Roon. In HQPlayer, there is a button specifically to allow network control that must be enabled for this to work. Jose is asking if you have that clicked in HQPlayer.

Ok. Where is the button?

Yes I clicked on that many times but nothing happens. My input is none and my output is network audio adapter but the device is blank. It should say Gusterender and something. I think hqplayer is playing but not roon.

I could be wrong but have you selected on Gustard network/Ethernet input? … it takes a while to switch from usb to Ethernet

So use LAN?

Now on LAN and the device is showing

… and it should play too …

I think I am supposed to have 1v43 firmware for Gustard. I couldn’t download yesterday. Its a Chinese product and they make it difficult to open it. I need a 1v43 firmware upgrade.

Ok. I am using gustarrender 1v43. Its playing but no sound coming out.

You cannot have Gustard defined as “room” in Roon and use it as Network Audio Adapter in HQPlayer at the same time, just remove any Gustard configuration in Roon

… and if you are in trial remember that HQPlayer must be restarted every 30’

Ok. Im getting sound. Im currently using Gustarrender 1v43 shairportsync as my device. Is this what it should be? Thanks.

Gusterender 1v31 is works thru airplay. But hqplayer is not working with roon.

As long as Gustard is engaged with Roon it won’t be available for HQPlayer, as I told before remove any Gustard configuration from Roon

When you use Roon and HQPlayer, you ONLY setup HQPlayer as the endpoint. Then IN HQplayer you setup the Gustard as the endpoint because HQPlayer send music to the Gustard, Roon does not.