Can't rename or revert incorrectly identified track

I was trying to get an album identified and, while it was found, one of the tracks was incorrectly identified.

I’ve tried changing the metadata preferences for the track and I’ve tried making changes manually, but the track information remains as it was identified by Roon.

Any advice?

Can you detail the album and track in question?


This is the album.

These are the problematic tracks. The title, composer, etc. for Track 10 is actually the correct information for track 9.

Track 10 should actually be what I have per my file (see below).

Also, now that I look at, the track info for Disc 2, tracks 6 to 8 are partially wrong. There are grouped under the correct work, but the tracks just repeat the work name instead of the movement names.

The movement names should be:

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