Can't see "All Tracks" on Motown No. 1 Singles 11 disc compilation

Using a ROCK/Roon, 1.7, build 610.

I successfully uploaded this 11 cd monster. But in the view for the collection in Roon, there is no option to see “All Tracks” like there is in all my other box sets. Any thoughts as to how to fix this?


This is like it is by design. Add your voice to the feature request for a change here if you wish to:

Never got any response on this request. It still seems like a silly limitation.

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Thanks, guys. Yeah, what’s the big problem??

Apparently it’s a UI design issue?

Hello @Peter_Rustin, and thanks for your feedback here. I will defer to Danny’s post, but please do speak up on the feature request! Our team still regularly looks at those requests and we appreciate hearing thoughts from the community.

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