Can't see NUC/Roon Rock

Core Machine

Network Details
Netgear RV6300v2 router
TP-Link TL-SG105S, 5 Port switch

Audio Devices
Lumin U1mini
Mytek Liberty
Rega Elex-R amp

Over the past 24 hours I’ve had Roon loosing connection on a ad hoc basis, so I’ve tried rebooting the router, the NUC and my laptop. I now can’t see the the NUC on my router or Rock on the web interface. On my laptop it just says waiting to connect and the blue button to connect to a different core. I’ve changed the cable between the switch and the NUC. I’m not sure what to do next.

Does it find the NUC if you click the blue button to connect to a different Core?

No, it just keeps looking for it.

OK, can you access the NUC’s Web Administration Page via a web browser? You’ll need to know its IP address - your router should have the list of known devices on the home network. If the NUC isn’t in this list, then further diagnosis will be necessary.

No, I can’t see the NUC’s web admin page from my browser and I can’t see it on the list of devices in my router.

OK, last thing to try - have you a monitor or a TV that you can plug into the HDMI connector? If so, do this and reboot the NUC. I suspect that it is not booting correctly, and a shot of the screen should tell us more.

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Thanks Geoff, sorted it.

Used a monitor to see what was happening. Then realised that NUC was looking for the OS on the external drive with some of library that’s connected to the NUC at start-up. Doh!

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