Can't See the Raspberry Pi

So what do I do with this error?

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Checking the connection

Have you verified there are no firewalls active which may block things?

Just to confirm:

  1. From a laptop cmd prompt (or terminal on MacOS): “ping” is successful?
  2. From a browser, “” fails?
  3. The RoPieee LED is steady one per second?

Okay I am trying again…

Took the Samsung 32gb card out of the Pi.

Using a new USB reader I reinstalled the latest version of Ropieee via Etcher.

Powering back up. Will wait for the 1 green flash per second…

Ok… Some success…

It was assigned a new IP address of and I can now see it in Chrome.

I renamed it “basement” and can see it in Chrome but not in Roon.

When I go to Roon --> Settings —> Audio it is missing under “Networked”

What do I do now?


Do I choose “Raspberry Pi DAC (I2S)” for the Audio Hat if I’m am using the Pi connected directly to my preamp via USB?

Got it!!! Told it no audio hat…

Had to turn on my preamp and it saw it!!!


Good News!

Roon will only detect usb endpoints that are available … ie powered on and running. The bridge is not shown unless there is an endpoint that is available on it.

Ping should see it tho.

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