Can't set up Roon/Auralic Aries&Vega/Synology 712+

I want to use my mackbook pro to control music on my NAS. I also have Auralic Aries and Vega DAC.

I download Roon for mac but don’t know where to start, I mean what to choose from start menu. I try to add hostname on my synology, add username and password but say can’t find the pathway.

My trial would expire next month and I give up few times to set up Roon. I thought will scan network and will found my Aries. No such easy thing… unfortunately.



The Roon Knowledge Base has information on using as a NAS with Roon … just search for NAS, and see if that helps.

How do you have these devices connected?

I checked all and read but find it difficult. Also I consider Roon should offer phone support.Aries and macbook over wifi and NAS wired to router.