Can't update Payment info in Qobuz

This is entirely a Qobuz problem, but I am not getting a response from their support team, so I thought I would try here.

I got a new credit card recently, so my Qobuz auto-pay failed. When I enter my new credit card info into their web page, I get a generic message about not being able to process my payment at this time. I have opened a ticket with them about a week ago, and have not heard back. I have been pinging them daily with no updates.

In the meantime, I am getting increasingly alarming daily emails from Qobuz warning that I will lose access to my account if I don’t provide new payment info soon.

Has anyone else experienced any issue with entering credit card info into Qobuz’s web site?

Tidal has been trying to get me back, and sent me an offer for 90 days for $1. That is starting to look pretty good.

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I had this same problem and I did get in touch with Qobuz support. They said it was a problem on their end and they had to look into it by checking into the particular credit card and it would take time. So, I set up a Paypal account using the same card and paid that way.

I’ve seen a lot of people having this issue on reddit. Sadly Qobuz was pretty unhelpful to them.

Personally I’d suggest trying out Tidal.

In January I switched to the Sublime level membership on Qobuz. After the switch I bought several High Res albums, but Qobuz stopped accepting my credit card payments about a week ago. I’ve tried a number of different credit cards and a debit card without success, and I’ve checked with the credit card provider to be sure this wasn’t on my end. I’ve also tried both Safari and Firefox browsers.
I had this problem more than a year ago and was able to resolve it by deleting cookies, but no luck this time.

It seems there are quite a few posts on the web regarding Qobuz payment problems, so I wanted to reach out to see if there are other Roon users having issues with Qobuz purchases, and if anybody’s found a workaround besides paypal.

Qobuz started refusing to accept my credit card that was still valid and had been used several times the same day they started rejecting it. I’ve tried different cards, browsers, etc., and also contacting Qobuz support several times but have not received a response. Given it’s one of only two services Roon connects with, perhaps Roon could get their attention. Paypal works but with extra fees is not an acceptable substitute when having already paid for a sublime subscription.

If anyone has a solution, I would also like to hear from you, but as a previous post stated, it’s on their end so nothing we can do to resolve it.