Can't upgrade to XL and nowhere to download the image

Haven’t used ropieee for a good while, just updated to 2024.01.1, now I want to also use it for HQplayer.
The upgrade to XL option is missing in Advanced tab, and I can’t find download link of an XL image on the website either…

It there something I’m missing>

Yep, XL Version has been integrated, so there is ONLY ONE ROPIEEE Version, no separate XL-Version anymore!

I see, but I still can’t find the “services” tab in the web interface.
I’ll do a reflash, thanks mate

It is all there incl. the SERVICES tap in the current version 2024.01.1 (1292) for Pi4!

I think you now need to re-flash to upgrade to XL.

For new users only XL is available on the website.

But for upgraders the non XL version is still in existence.