Capture sound from any external app

This request is partly related to the following:

Using Nicecast, LiquidSoap or Stream What you hear, it is possible to create a URL which can be used to create an internet radio station in Roon.

This is a way, for example, of sending output from the Spotify desktop app through Roon.

Support for more codecs, particularly flac, has already been requested for internet radio streams. There are a few flac radion stations out there and with the BBC currently testing flac streaming, it becomes increasingly important.

This could also open the door to sending the output of any streaming service through Roon. That would make subscribers to Qobuz, for example, very happy. This would require the developers of those enabling apps (Nicecast; etc.) to also add support for lossless codecs such as flac, though.

I’m thinking that instead of relying on those enabler apps, wouldn’t it be better if that capability were simply added to roon. If roon could capture the sound of any external app that would automatically add support for any streaming service that exists now or in the future!


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