Case for pi 4b + just boom digi hat?

The Justboom case for the Digi Hat only fits up to the Pi 3 … it doesn’t fit the Pi 4b. Any good alternatives? For now I’m using a different plastic case and I took an x-acto knife to it to put holes in the right place but it looks sort of janky. Sounds awesome though (using it with a chord mojo via optical/coax).

I have taken to 3d printing what I want.
I have a printer now but use to have the parts printed for me by sending it out. Didn’t take long and wasn’t any more expensive than a retail case. I just want it NOW so I bought my own printer.
There are a lot of designs online. I found one I liked and ran with it.

Heck, send me the plan you find and we will work something out.