CAT7 ethernet cable worth it?

I’m seeking two short Ethernet cables, #1 one without grounding (Cat6) and #2 with grounding (Cat7). The #2 Cat7 cable will be used to ground a Ethernet filter to an endpoint (grounding desired). The #1 Cat6 will connect from network to the filter on the other end and grounding is not desired

#1 = Blue Jeans Cat6a… any length over 1-foot that I want. Done.

#2 = Cat7 = from whom??? The shortest I’ve found is from Audioquest at .75M. I’d go half that length or even less if someone could suggest one!

Pangea? has half meter ones I think…

I emailed Audioadvisor to see if they answer about connector grounding. The info on the part is lacking!

I ordered the following:
(Already have NAS on LAN with 6,800 hi-res albums)
i7 Roon Transporter ( connecting spare port to:
Cat6a 1.5ft Blue Jeans Cable ungrounded to:
GigaFOILv4 filter ( to:
Cat7 .75m Audioquest Vodka cable ( grounding to:
MSB Network Renderer v2 ( inside:
MSB Analog DAC ( to the amps:

Also just received a pair of the Mazda 12AX7S five-star triple-mica tubes today and they appear to winners, likely bumping the Telefunken tubes out of position!