Catalina and Roon compatibility, currently

I’m thinking of upgrading my Mojave to Catalina. I have researched the forum and do not see many recent…last few months…comments on any problems when upgrading…Is it safe at this time to upgrade…??

My Roon Core is running absolutely rock solid on a headless Mac mini which is on Mojave, and will stay that way until the last possible minute regardless of what anyone else’s experience is!

No problems as a Roon remote.

No issues running as a complete Roon setup (lib on ext harddrive). I need internet access for Roon to discover my Audio devices for some obscure reason but i don’t know if thats Catalina or Roon…
Othewise, safe as milk! (I really need to play some Captain Beefheart now!)

I split using my Core on a couple of different devices, one being a MBP on latest version of Catalina. Only had two things noticed - in an early version of Catalina, hitting the caps lock button would crash Roon (this no longer happens, was fixed maaaaaaaaaany moons ago), and the Touch Bar implementation isn’t quite there, but that’s been reported and hardly an issue really.

So I’d say, in regards to Roon, upgrade with confidence.

I am not sure if my problem are coming from Catilina, but I don´t get Roon running stable on my Catilina: It seldomly plays more than 5 songs in a row withou getting latched up, pretending not findin the files. On the other hand this may be also related to Roon-Qobbuz incompatibilities.

There are no Roon Qobuz incompatibilities.

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Well, thank you for this pretty clear statement: but yes, there are. My roon regularily loses titles which are on Qobuz claiming that these titles are not available. And then it stops altogether to play anything. Pretty annoying…

Sorry if my comment seems abrupt but if what you suggest was a global issue it would ruin Roon’s reputation and I simply don’t see that as particularly likely. I don’t deny you have an issue but I genuinely don’t think it is purely a Roon/Qobuz compatibility issue. And that doesn’t necessarily make it your issue either. But the point I’m trying to make is it is fixable.

Sorry for my short temper, I was just frustrated :slight_smile: yes, you are right! I opened a thread and I am not denying that it is possibly my own fault, maybe somebody can help me.
Sorry again!

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Been running Catalina for about 6 months now on my iMac (Roon Core). No problems at all running Roon. I have a simple setup whereby a B&W Formation Wedge is connected by ethernet cable into a devolo 1200+ powerline adaptor. Works fine.

Raise it in the support section, if you haven’t already done so.

Thanks all…will probably not upgrade to the Catalina Apple level…‘If it aint broke …don’t fix it’…

I usually wait five or six months to upgrade to another OS to let any major bugs get ironed out and also gives time for software developers to modify their apps. However, you do owe it to yourself to keep up to date from the point of view of patching various security loopholes which come to light over time. Leave it too long and you get left behind - Big Sur will be along in the fall and it can be too big a jump to leap two systems which may create you even bigger problems. As comforting as it may be not to upgrade because “If it aint broke …don’t fix it” you can’t sit on the fence forever.

I still have El Capitan on my late 2012 i7 16GB RAM Mac mini and have no problems (anymore) with ROON playing my iTunes library Qobuz and TIDAL and for that matter TIDAL Qobuz separately or through A+3.5…don’t upgrade!1bobbmd

My Roon Core is running absolutely rock solid on a headless Mac mini which is on up to date Catalina OSX with automatic upgrades turned on. No problem, except sometimes Roon asking for manual Tidal login.

I am using Roon dedicated Mac mini 2014 upgraded to 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM, toslink to my Cary CD-306PRO in the main rack and ethernet to my Bel Canto e.Stream in the secondary rack and the Roon bridge on my iMac. I am using MQA, sample rate conversion, headroom adjustment, parametric EQ specific for each zone and my own Roon Sleep timer extension. CPU usage mostly under 10%. My music sources are Synology NAS (personal music repository) and Tidal. Never experienced any playback problems.