CBC Music (Mountain) Station has disappeared

A station I listen to through Roon is no longer available. It is CBC Music (Mountain) out of Edmonton, Alberta. When I try to play it I get a message that says “unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable.” However the station is available as I’m able to listen to it on my laptop and iPad through the CBC Listen App.

Hello @Laurie_Long , you’re right - it has changed. I’ve updated the aac, but at the moment I can’t find an mp3.

Anyway, try now.

Thanks for the quick response Brian. Unfortunately, there’s been a mistake. When I try to listen to CBC Music (formerly known as ‘Radio Two’, I get CBC Radio One (which use to be the CBC’s AM service). The Mountain Time Zone is correct but it’s the wrong station.


Hello @Laurie_Long , I am sorry about that. I had scanned the source code and picked out the wrong one. Tried harder this time.

Try now.

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Thanks Brian. All good.