CD drive not ripping

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus + version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Version 1.8 (build790) stable

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Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Liberty DAC to prima Luna amp

Description Of Issue

When I plug in (USB) a CD drive to rip CDs, at first the CD drive appears in the web admin page, but displays waiting for CD and doesn’t rip.
Also, when I plug CD Drive, I loose my main zone.
I tried plugging CD drive into my main Windows machine. It works.
Thanks for any help

Hey @John_Berrie,

I am so sorry we took this long to get back to you - we’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the number of requests we’ve received in the past weeks and these are visible in our response times :pleading_face:

So, a belated welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I am sorry to hear that you can’t even begin to rip CDs with your Nucleus+. I appreciate the steps you’ve already taken to resolve this. Did you get a chance to reboot your Nucleus?

  • Hold down the power button until the Nucleus is turned off
  • Unplug it for 30 seconds
  • Plug it back in
  • Turn it on
    Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, I had tried the procedure you suggested.

Hey @John_Berrie,

Thanks a whole lot for trying that out. I am only sorry it didn’t work and that it took me this long to get back to you.

I’ve moved your thread into our technical team’s queue so they can follow up with next steps.

Please, bear with us a little bit longer :pray:

It has been over 1 month, and no news from Technical team!
What should I do?
Take care

John Berrie

This is a known issue, and has been known to Roon Labs since at least last September (and there’s a ticket in to fix it, I believe). The issue lies in the Roon OS, not the Roon software itself. So it shows itself on the Nucleus/Nucleus+ models and NUCs running ROCK.

Three things appear to be associated with the issue when it occurs:

  • The CD Ripper stops working
  • The Web Administration page stops working properly, e.g. the Eject button no longer works and a Reboot says that the system has successfully rebooted, when in fact nothing has happened.
  • On the Nucleus/Nucleus+ and NUCs, pressing the power button briefly no longer shuts them down - a forced reboot is the only option (holding in the power button for 5 seconds)

As a workaround, disconnect the USB drive, power cycle the Nucleus, then after the nucleus is back up reattach the USB drive. This seems to get things working until the next time the issue occurs.


Hey @John_Berrie,

Thank you for following up on this - while we have not overlooked this thread (on the contrary - all we’ve been doing was replying to threads just as this one), it is taking us much longer than we had hoped to reply to everyone.

I’m so glad it prompted help from our community. @Geoff_Coupe, you’re a :gem: ! Thank you for the insightful post :pray:

@beka What is the status on this? I have a new Nucleus and the CD stopped ripping. I had to power cycle the Roon Nucleus to restore ripping functionality.
Trey Smith

I have to restart the core every day at least once to reinitialize the ripping function.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Apparently it’s a known bug in the Roon’s operating system- there are other posts about this problem. I’m in the same boat as you, and so are a bunch of other people. The “solution” so far is to use a PC to rip the CDs, then copy the rips and metadata to the Roon. Very disappointing to see this issue dating back to mid 2021 and still unresolved as far as I can tell. I hope I’m wrong and that there’s a fix.