CD drive not ripping

This is a known issue, and has been known to Roon Labs since at least last September (and there’s a ticket in to fix it, I believe). The issue lies in the Roon OS, not the Roon software itself. So it shows itself on the Nucleus/Nucleus+ models and NUCs running ROCK.

Three things appear to be associated with the issue when it occurs:

  • The CD Ripper stops working
  • The Web Administration page stops working properly, e.g. the Eject button no longer works and a Reboot says that the system has successfully rebooted, when in fact nothing has happened.
  • On the Nucleus/Nucleus+ and NUCs, pressing the power button briefly no longer shuts them down - a forced reboot is the only option (holding in the power button for 5 seconds)

As a workaround, disconnect the USB drive, power cycle the Nucleus, then after the nucleus is back up reattach the USB drive. This seems to get things working until the next time the issue occurs.