CD Ripper with Nucleus

Please, someone have any experience using Astell & Kern AK CD Ripper MKII with Nucleus? Any suggestion? Thank you!

In the blurb on the A&K site it doesn’t mention it working with anything but their players.

If you look on the apple website, the apple superdrive is dedicated to Apple. Roon made me the pleasure to make ist work :slight_smile:
So ask Roon :wink:

we had one in-home, we tested it and it didn’t work so we played with it until we got it to show itself as a normal cd-rom drive.

It might just work, but I don’t have one to test.

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Using the AK CD Ripper MKII since a few weeks and it is working fine. Just plug & play.
Remark: The only thing to do is for my purpose that I tag all ripped CDs with a separate software as I also use them on mobile players and it us hardly to find anything out of the ripped files the way Ronn names them.