CD ripping extension

I am on Roon trial. I read about a Roon extension that rips CD. But I see no extensions in my Roon. Is that intentional?

Depending on the device that you use as a remote you should see an empty extensions list in Settings→Extensions, or the Extensions tab is missing if you are on a phone. Both are intentional, unfortunately extensions are not available in the phone UI :frowning:

If you are looking at an empty list, that’s because extensions have to be installed separately (hence the name). To install the CD Ripper extension you need a Linux system, e.g. a Linux distribution on a PC or NUC, or a Raspberry PI.

Some references with more information:

If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask.

Hi @Joachim_Strobel,

What kind of Core machine are you using?

Roon OS (ROCK / Nucleus) supports CD Ripping which you can read more about here:

I am on Win 10

… ok , then this is not for me as I am on Win10

Hi @Joachim_Strobel,

If you’re using Windows 10 the best option is to look into other CD ripping applications. You can then rip the CDs into a folder that Roon is watching and they will be automatically imported.

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