CD Ripping & Metadata

When I rip CDs via Rock (super slick, btw, much appreciated) they get loaded into Roon associated with artist/album/track/etc. metadata, but the files themselves remain generically named things like “CD-Ripped-2020-03-03” and “track10.flac”. I’d love to be to copy the files over to an external drive for use on an Echobox or other DAP (and for backup purposes), but the only way I can figure out how to interlace the metadata and the files is to export every ripped CD from Roon (which crashes Roon on both of my Macs). It seems like there ought to be a way to have Roon clean up the ripped folders, but if there is I can’t find it.

I guess my workaround is going to be to finish ripping my discs and then export everything to a separate location so that I can reload my music into an order, but I’m hoping there’s something easy and obvious I’m missing somewhere.


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Well, that is the correct work flow if using ROCK. Rip it and then Export it. That is why I Rip it first and then copy it to a watched storage folder.

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This isn’t right. If this is happening, I suggest that you raise it in the Support category of the forum for the support team to take a look at the diagnostics.

Exporting your files to a separate location is the designed method of having Roon integrate basic metadata and renaming ripped files and folders that were created using the ripping function in ROCK and the Nucleus.

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I rip via Rock then just edit the metadata on them using mp3tag afterwards takes a minute. It works and simple and does not upset anything. My files are backed up overnight to my NAS for other apps to pick them up.

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Is this a manual process? Or is MP3tag automatic? (I’m mostly trying to avoid typing out track info for 300 CDs)

I’ve seen this elsewhere in the forums, I think I’m not the only one experiencing it? It exportsjust fine on my Windows machine.

Thanks! Seems like there ought to be a one-step process but I can definitely live with this one.

Thanks, all. Glad to know that I’m not missing something important.

You have to match the disc to the right version from its sources,then it’s all automatic and it will rename files if you want to.

Does anyone know if the roon export functionality can be automated and scheduled?

Not at the moment. It sounds like a great Feature Request, though.