CD Ripping on QNAP

Hello Everyone,

Since the latest version of Roon will rip CDs with an external USB drive, I was wondering if that feature extended tocCore installs on QNAP NAS? The QNAP has a different interface for basic core info so I don’t see CD Ripping when my drive is attached.

Any insight will be helpful.


Roon itself does not support CD-Ripping. ROCK and Nucleus do.
I was thinking of building a cd-ripping package a while ago. But did not had time to look into it yet.


I created a Docker based extension for CD ripping, the more powerful QNAP NASes support Docker containers, so in theory this could work. In practice I know that @CrystalGipsy tried it but could not get it working (you read about it in the ripper extension thread).

So (@Captain.Planet, @crieke ) if you are into some serious tinkering you might give this a try.

You find links to the CD Ripper and the Extension Manager, that can optionally be used, by clicking my avatar.

Yes could not get this working at all. I can use attached cd drive when using virtualization station with no issues. As an example I have a VM running Vortexbox I can add the usb device to the VM and it passes through and Vortexbox reads it and rips fine. When using container station and the docker for this it just doesn’t want to share it properly and has real issues seeing it, and when it does it just generally fails to setup the parameters. I gave up when they added cd ripping to ROCK.

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I was thinking the QNAP Roon Server application has more in common with Rock. Thank you for responding.

@Jan_Koudijs I have a Ryzen NAS so power is definately not a problem, but I’m not sure I have the chops to peel back the layers on what you’ve accomplished. It does sound exciting. :slight_smile:

So, now I have to create a VM (Not interested in more OSes to babysit), Buy a Nucleus/NUC (I got the Ryzen NAS specifically to fill the server gap) or install ripping software on my desktop (The route of a sane man but what fun is that?) :crazy_face: