CD Storage - alternative to Fleece Pack


Some time ago I stopped storing ripped CD’s in the original jewel cases and migrated them Fleece Pack cases to save space (see below).


I just tried to order new supplies from only to find they are out of stock and they tell me that their Dutch supplier is no longer operating.

Having failed to find another supplier, with stock, I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a good alternative?

I like the Fleece Pack cases because they protect the disk and have space for the booklet and back cover.

The last box I ordered say “Fleecepack is the registered product owned by Smilin’ Ears DV Holland”. Do any Dutch members know if they are still trading/ manufacturing or available in Holland?


I did the same as you Dale, so thanks for the heads up.
Im down to my last half a box, but I guess on the other hand, luckily since Ive been using Roon, my CD purchase rate has drastically dropped, so that may last me a while.
Ill have to find another alternative though, just like you.
If I find something Ill post back.

I use DiscSox:

Not cheap, but really nice.

I use these but not this particular brand. They save a lot of space.

I bought loads of these a few years ago from Scott Nangle. Have a look to see if they still sell them

Thanks all for replying.

The DiscSox option looks the closest to the Fleecepack design, but as Steve points out not cheap. In the UK the best price I could find was £47.97 for 25. That’s £1.92 per cd vs £0.27 for fleecepack (gulp!)

I emailed Scott at snvinyl, and he replied almost instantly. He confirmed that the fleecpack sleeves are no longer in production and suggested a couple of options he stocks. For my needs, the knosti discover look the best option. Inboxes of 100 they come in at £0.49 per CD.

The good news is that I found a box of 100 Fleecepacks hidden at the back of a cupboard, so I’m not as desperate as I thought. I’m going to order 10 Knosti covers from snvinyl to evaluate and will report back.

Maybe by the time I’ve used the newly discovered cache the cost of CD-quality music from download sites will be closer to that of buying a physical CD! I sort of begrudgingly accept that HD recording cost more but don’t see why I should pay a premium for the same recording quality.

Thanks, everyone for your contributions and advice.

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Why do you believe, assuming that the same mastering is applied, that a digital dwonload of an album would be worse quality than a CD?
I totally agree that quite a number of ‘re-releases’ of older albums are not sounding quite as good as the original ones, but that is due to remastering. It has nothing to do with CD versus digital download quality.

Or to put it otherwise. If you buy a new album released in the latest years, there is no difference between the actual CD and the digital dwonload.
My 2 cents


My offhand comment was really questioning why CD quality downloads often cost more than the physical CD. Perhaps an example helps:-

Why would I choose to spend £13.99 on a CD quality download when I can buy the CD for £8.50?

I guess there is an argument that errors may be introduced in ripping the CD, but I’ve accepted that for the 1000’s of existing CDs I’ve ripped.

As it happens I tend to agree that some remastered recording are disappointing but that was not intended to be my point.

Apologies if I was unclear.

I’m guessing it makes the Hires download more appealing. I personally look for the highest rate possible, using CD quality as a last resort

That’s close to the way I operate.

If a recording in available in 24x192Khz or 92Khz then that’s what I choose. When it comes to a 24x44khz download I’ve been know to baulk at paying £17+ when I can get the CD for £4.

My confusion and the reason I still buy physical CD’s is when there is only a CD quality download available and I can buy the physical disc for less.

Although to be fair it does sometime work the other way :slight_smile:

Anyway enough moaning from me and attempting to end on a positive note. I’ve found useful in finding and compare various high Res download sites. Not only cost but sometime different sites have different resolutions on offer.

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Sounds interesting, I will take a look. O generally buy my Hires files from HD Tracks & Super HiRez.


I’ve spent more time than I care to admit hunting for decent CD sleeve alternatives to the hard PVC ones so really appreciate this thread. I once learned of some made by Phillips that looked perfect, but after some detective work found they were no longer in production :frowning_face:

Had an email this morning from James at Covers33 saying they have CD-fleecpacks in stock. (£27 inc UK P&P.)

I placed an order and enquired if this meant availability was likely to be more regular. He replied saying “we hope that we have a long term solution with this manufacturer”.