CD vs. Vinyl Tags in Album View

I just added a bunch of albums to my library. These are all Vinyl rips to AIFF. I’m getting “CD” Icons in the album view. I’d like to change those tags or icons from CD to Vinyl or LP. I don’t see a place to do that in the Edit Fields area.

How can I correct this? And do it in bulk form (not one album at a time)?

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This icon represents the sample rate … “CD”, means CD like quality … typicaly 44.1KHz.
(Side note: I think most people on here digitise their vinyl to 96/24).

What I would recommend is adding a suffix to the album name [Vinyl] Roon will then pick this up and display it as the version.

Similar to these (bottom left of each album artwork).

Carl, thanks for your prompt response.

So confirming that I cannot remove the “CD” in the album view?

Adding Vinyl to the end of the album name works, but I would need to do those edits one album at a time. I brought in over 2000 albums. Is there a fix that could be applied in bulk?

[quote=“Ted_Ted, post:3, topic:17518”]
So confirming that I cannot remove the “CD” in the album view?
[/quote]Show album format on browser can be switched off, completely.

Outside of Roon, you could use a bulk file editor or a Tag editor.

Inside of Roon:

  • Select all the required albums
  • Select edit (…)
  • Select the Edit Fields tab
  • Scroll down to version field
  • Type Vinyl in the field box.
  • Click save

Hope this helps.

Do have a read of the [Roon Knowledge Base]
( there’s lots of useful pointers in there.

Since mid-2016 I have been labeling (Vinyl) within Title field. Now only about 2/3 of my Vinyl rips show up when I select (Vinyl) tag.
As per above suggestion I have also added (Vinyl) within version field, but still no change.

One year later and I still have same issue, having followed both of above suggestions. I.e. Typing Vinyl in the field box.
Any further suggestions?

Finally figured it out!
With tag already created called “Vinyl” you go to “Add to tags”, then check “Vinyl”, then type in search box, title of your Vinyl file which you created, then click Save.

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