CDs out on the floor - heavy rotation

Larry I think the Overview page show how many tracks, albums etc. there are in total in your library doesn’t it?

I keep tag @New Stuff bit like your most recent purchased LPs

I listen , delete add to it

The @ keeps it first

How do add an album or song to a bookmark?

I created a bookmark but I cannot figure out how to add or remove an album from on

Bookmarks are dynamic , they follow a rule

Eg Composer = Beethoven

You can use Focus to determine those rules

Tags on the other hand are static , YOU add stuff to them

If you want to add odd tracks or albums , define a Tag and add away.

For eg a big box like the Beethoven Edition is fixed so is ideal for a Tag, it’s not going to change

All Beethoven Concertos is not fixed so Bookmark is good any new albums that fit the rule are automatically included

Clear as Mud ? , have a look in the KB for more details

Hope this helps

Yep,… it contains those numbers as well!

Top of the page in History gives you how many tracks played ever. (Or since deleting history)

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Another way of understanding this:
A bookmark in a book takes you to a particular view (or page).
A bookmark in Roon also takes you to a particular view. In this case, the view was the set of albums that met the conditions “Played in the last week” and “presented in a sort order by number of plays”. Those were the focus filter and sort conditions set in that bookmark.
The dynamic aspect is that two weeks from now when you view albums “Played in the last week” and “presented in a sort order by number of plays”, none of the albums you saw two weeks ago will be listed. They don’t meet the first focus condition.
Using this example, the only way to remove an albums from this view is to change the conditions. Delete it or wait a week and it will be gone.

I must be creating bookmarks incorrectly then, whatever populates the bookmarks that I create is whatever happens to be on the screen at the time it is created. It has nothing to do with meeting the criteria.

I could have any album on screen and create a MQA bookmark and all that gets book marked is that album.

I can add to the bookmark by adding the tag MQA to something I want to add to the bookmark but the only way I can remove the original album is by deleting the bookmark altogether. Any added by tagging can be removed.

No. I put them away.
Which brought a completely different benefit (in a very large collection of vinyl, and later,CDs.
The benefit was joy for running my finger along the spines reading titles and constantly discovering new gems in my music library. Horses for courses I s’pose.

A step in the right direction would be full size reproductions of the original vinyl album covers, inner sleeves, booklets, etc.

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