Change background of album review text?

Is there any way to customize the background of the album review text? The text that appears when you click the down arrow of the initial review snippet. Either a jpeg or a black background with white text would be sufficient - as it stands now, my eyes have to adjust from looking at a black background with white text to a white background with black text as soon as I click to read the full review of an album.

Nitpicking, I know.


Disregard, I found the “light” and “dark” themes in Settings -> Setup.

I use the light theme but find album and artist reviews/bios very hard to read if they are long as it is pure white text on a black background.
The top is not too bad as there is usually some background contrast due to the picture at the top.

So can this contrast be continued all down the page or else have this show up as black text on white on the light theme.



Same here. I’m having problems with white text on black background as well. A small portion of text is o.k. but the expanded biography or album review is very hard to read. The font used is also not the most readable. The letters start dancing in front of the screen after reading 10 lines. I find myself switching to the all music website more often. Same info but black text on white background. I almost never use the full artist/album view in Roon because of this. I really really hope Roon will never ever make the mistake of changing the whole ui into dark theme only.

This black background interface trend is the reason I canceled my Spotify account after a week and went with Deezer. Now I have a Tidal account with Roon. Tidals own interface is hopeless for me as well, just can’t read it well enough, very tyring on the eyes and very hard to navigate. Luckily it works better in Roon.

I do like most parts of the Roon ui only these fullscreen white text on black background is what i tend to stay away from, but this is the largest portion of the metadata what Roon is all about.

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Some more UI customisation would be very welcome. For instance, on my macbook with screen resolution set to 19001200 everything looks o.k. but there could be more info on the screen without the need of scrolling up and down. The track listing could be more compact for instance so that you also van see the other album list from this artist on the same screen without having to scroll down. On my Ipad with effective screen resolution of 1024768 I find the font too large and the playback area too big. This is just me, I guess other people might have totally different preferences but some UI customisation options would please most of us I guess.

For years I have been using MP3Toys (bad name for what is about one of the very best music players ever written) wich is highly customizable in font type, font size, colours of every element on the screen, album art size etc. so yes I think it can be done without any fear of consistency, A lot of nitpicking of coarse I know. Would be very happy if I could just read the whole biography and album reviews without straining my eyes so much.

Old topic but nothing has been implemented. Reading paragraphs of white text on a black background is an awful experience. I feel like a migraine is starting after trying to read any album info. It really can’t be that hard to offer the choice of Black text on a White background

Old topic indeed but it still holds. I have never been able to read any of the reviews completely. When collapsed they have a background that is not completely black and there are not that many lines which makes it at least a bit doable to read. When expanded however the background becomes completely black, the contrast is way too high and the letters start dancing in space. I can’t read any more than two to four lines, the rest is simply to hard to read for me. When I want reviews I go to LastFM or other sites that are readable.

I always thought it was just me so I asked others how they could read it. Well, nobody had as big trouble as I had but almost all confirmed it wasn’t very convenient up to very hard to read. Only three people had no trouble with it at all but they were all under 30 of age.

Well, I have stopped asking and stopped complaining because it doesn’ make any sense. The problem does not seem to get any attention at all so nothing is ever going to change anyway so I just stopped using it.

I can’t imagine its just us that have issues with it. I’d love to hear the rationale behind the decision to put white text on a blackground

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