Change DSP settings on phone

I can’t find any way to change the DSP settings on my iPhone. I’ve read that this can’t be done using the iPhone app for some reason, but I also can’t find a way to do it using another device. On my iPad I see the phone as a device, but can’t find a way to get into its DSP settings. This is really, really unfortunate, since it has settings, including EQ, embedded for an old pair of headphones. Is there any way to do this??

Roon decided, that most mobile devices have too small a screen to display information in landscape mode, so deny access to certain portions of the interface on those devices.

That being said I’m not sure if your iPad supports the full user interface, since I don’t have one, but on a MAC/PC you’ll get to DSP this way.
Keep browsing the knowledge base articles about the DSP functionalities to learn more.

The question is whether I can find any way to access the phone’s DSP settings from another device. I can access the phone’s device setup through the iPad’s settings tab, but that doesn’t get you to the DSP settings. The only way I’ve found to get to DSP setting in the iPad app is to touch the signal path star thingy and then the three dot icon at the top of the path. But that only works for the selected device. I’ll explore more.

Okay, I figure it out. My phone was set up as a private zone, which meant it couldn’t be controlled by another device. I turned that off, selected the phone in the iPad app as the device to be controlled, and then used the signal path to get to the phone’s DSP settings.