Change from 2 external 3TB HDD to one 8 TB HDD


i have two TB external HDDs and i would like to transfer all music data to an internal 8 TB HDD.

Question: If I restore the current backup of the library after the transfer, will that work?

I would also like to create a different data structure on the internal HDD. Could this lead to a problem?

Thanks Dieter

I often copy albums from one roon storage to another and then delete the source. roon keeps the information.

Make sure you have a backup.

Personally I would add the 8 TB HDD as a new music store, copy the albums from the 2 3 TB HDD and then remove them. When copying you can already use the new structure. No need to copy the albums to the same directories as on the old HDD.

Make sure Roon doesn’t see both locations at the same time. There is a Roon KB article.

If all goes well, you will keep all edits, favourites etc.

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