Change Roon Theme Colors

Very cool idea if there are dozens of themes to choose from that are built-in as well, instead of only editing our own themes.

Example of a gray and blue theme:

Change Roon Theme Colors

A po co?
Ten jest bardzo dobry

Myślę, że łatwiej byłoby zmienić różne motywy, a obecnie po zmianie motywu jest on wyświetlany jako „nieznany” w ustawieniach Roon.

I think it would be easier to change out different themes and currently when you change the theme, it shows up as “unknown” in Roon settings.

Can you post the file with the color scheme?

Ok, what follows is - as with all my posts - my opinion. My opinions (as with all opinions) are not facts. Sorry - the tone of this forum (and the internet in general) it is worth pointing that out. Heck all posts should be predicated with it. Moderators - can I change my name on the forum to “mpd opines…”?

So, with that out the way, I think there is some sense to being able to modify aspects of the theme - like being able to change the accent colour. I’m not mad keen on pages of options and not mad keen on changing fonts and font sizes. As it is folks moan about the amount of white space in the UI - go change fonts around and break the UI and there will be tons more complaints. And roon shouldn’t be having to support our breaking of the theme. If they start putting options in the UI folks will expect them to (probably will expect them to anyway).

It would be good (I think) if the theme file lived on the server/core. A bit like we can upload convolution filters in the UI. That way all remotes - including mobile - could pick up the themes. One day if there is roon outside the home environment maybe the theme is stored centrally as part of our profile. Although then I am sure we will complain that we want different themes for each…and a different theme if it is weekday or weekend… and a different theme…

On the other thread folks mentioned JRiver. I bought a license of that - I think it was last year (can’t really remember - I ended up not using it). For me that was a masterclass in how not to build UI.

So yes, some options may be good. In a well constructed and constrained way. This path of turning roon into theming like linux desktops I’m not keen on.

The exact color scheme can be found in the thread that I mentioned in the first post.