Change Roon to a new QNAP NAS

I have purchased a QNAP TS-873-4G and I want to install the app. He is currently in a QNAP TS-853A.

My question is: Do I simply have to install the app to the TS-873 and connect via USB the 2 TB SSD in which I have the database (which is currently connected to the 853A) and everything will work fine, or do something else ?

Thanks for your help.

You should follow the instructions provided in the migration guide.

Thanks, I have already read that page.

But if I simply change the app from one NAS to another and connect the SSD with database and music, is it necessary to follow all the steps indicated on the migration guide page?

I can’t spot this method mentioned in the guide as a possible way to do it.

If you’re willing to take risks, make sure to have a copy of your Roon backup in a save place and then just try it out and report your findings here for others that my have the same question.

@crieke Chris might be the best one to give guidance here

This should work. When you have installed the app on your new QNAP, make sure to select the connected drive as a database location. Then Roon Server will pick up your previous database. You might need to adjust the storage locations of your media files, as their path might be different now.
Also, creating a database backup in the Roon settings before changing the core is never a bad idea. :wink:

I connected the SSD with the database and music to my new QNAP TS-873, I indicated it in the configuration and everything went perfectly.
In addition, now access to songs, performers, etc., is faster than with the TS-853A.
I appreciate your advice and help.
A greeting.