Change sorting for Compositions by Artist


When I get a list of Compositions by Artist , eg a Beethoven Sonata, the options for sort order doesn’t offer me Sort By Artist as it does in many other areas

Sort by Ensemble puts Vladimir Ashkenazy , Artur Schnabel, Alfred Brendel, Claudio Arrau etc

I ca see no logic to the sort , even worse the third Alfred Brendel shows up at no. 15 or so

Would it be a lot of work to include Sort By Artist , and make it Sticky ??


PS Ashkenazy & Brendel (VOX) has Ensemble in the Credits , ODD ?,

Schnabel & Arrau have no Ensemble showing , even Odder in view of the sort


I don’t think that this is a metadata issue; it’s probably a feature request.

Probably yes

I don’t understand or can see any pattern in the ensemble sort either. It just looks random. Is that because the ensemble tag is generally not set?

I listen to a lot of choral and vocal music where there might be dozens of artists. I generally have all the soloists in an opera tagged for example. I also would like some kind of working ensemble / artist /conductor sort. But how should roon sort artist in works for large forces?