Change the behavior of the queue (play whole album starting from selected track)


I would like to change the behavior of the queue. When I do not start the reproduction of an album by the first track the queue only reproduces that song and the following ones.

For example, I play track number 5, and Roon only plays tracks 5, 6, 7, 8 and returns to number 5 instead of following the first track.

How can I fix that?

I assume you mean play or add an album to the queue in some mixed track order, like 56781234. In order to do that, you select the songs you want in the order you want them play and then hit play or add to queue.

I mean that after playing track 8, continue to play through track 1, not track 5


Roon can play from a track to the end of an album, but there is no facility for it to then jump to track 1 a continue playing the remaining tracks.

Thus I’ve moved this topic to the feature request section of the forum.

The workaround, which I guess you know, would be to manually queue the remaining track.

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Thank you. I hope they can include new features soon. Sometimes functionalities are missing from what the simplest players are capable of.

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