Change the footer colour in the light theme

Lik the topic title says.
For the new release there was a promise of a change of the footer colour and it did
Now you seem to have forgotten the light theme. Can you please change this colour as well, it remains ugly and distracting. Time doesn’t cure everything. Too bad the colour is now fixed and the same in the now playing screen, so despite the positive changes the new release was again a step backwards i.m.o.

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It still remains awfully ugly, distracting, annoying and spoiling the fun of using Roon. Please change this colour back to what it was. Why why why only change the dark theme? Now we are left with a dark theme that’s just to dark and useless for me (o.k. my problem, fair enough) and we have a light theme that’s just to light pastell overall. I don’t know anyone in my surrounding who actually think the colours of the light interface where an improvement as they are now. I’m sorry to brab along about this and I know there are more important things in the world or more interesting features to think about but it really has a negative impact on the whole user experience.

I’m fine with it. Contrast is good for reading the info and glancing at the progress/spectrum bar.

We can complain about JRiver but they have like 10 default skins that really are mostly just different color schemes. That’s the way to go here…offer a handful of different color schemes.

Actually, I really am happy with the color choices for both the light and dark themes. With 1.5 I preferred the light them and with the current 1.6 I prefer the dark theme on both my iMac and iPad.

Even if I did not like the colors, I would not go so hyperbolic as to say they had a negative impact on the whole user experience. That’s makes it hard to take what you are saying seriously.

Well actually it does, and I do mean it dead serious. I can’t use the dark theme because of my eyes. The light theme is now also much harder for me then it used to be. I have a lot of problems differentiating different areas on the screen as it is now. I can see it, but it takes about half a second to a second to focus. That doesn’t seem like a lot but for other people this takes milliseconds and it makes it very hard to overview a page. With better differentiated fields this problem is a lot less. Both themes are pretty hard for me at the moment. Besides that, I still think it is just damn ugly.

II know it’s Just a colour and I’m trying I’m really really trying to like it but it remains so bloody awfully ugly and distracting. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase change it back