Changed Genres in 1.8 override my own

Roon 1.8 has destroyed my groomed Genres.
I have always had to work around Roon control of Genre by using French X, Cocktail X etc to make sure that my classifications are used and not your pre-defined categories.
Following the upgrade to Roon 1.8 I now have 13 additional Genres that were never in my tags and never in previous versions of Roon.
I so wish that one day you will make it easier for people to use their own Genre tags without imposing your own structure. Even more important is not to change what people already have when you make upgrades!
This will take a lot of work on my part to get rid of your changes.

Correction: I see that these Genres are associated with Qobuz new releases or something. Thankfully, I do not subscribe to Tidal as that would mean a mix of three Genre schemes!

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