Changed to hardwired - now what?

I recently moved my ROCK (on NUC) to a location that allows me to hardwire it over ethernet vs wifi. I did so and the NUC now has two IP addresses, one for wifi, other for ethernet. How do i change the settings on the ROCK so that I’m using the hardwired connection vs the wifi connection?

Hi @John_Mesberg, I’m not a ROCK user but I suspect that it’s on the web admin interface:

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Having two IP addresses is not an issue; the best route will be used for network traffic. However, if you want to remove the Wi-Fi connection, power off the NUC, remove the Wi-Fi adaptor, restart.


There’s no need to break open the case, just goto the web admin interface, and disable wifi.


Or, if you have an older NUC that actually has Wifi internally that is supported by ROCK, then you need to disable the Wifi either on the ROCK Web UI page (shown below), or, in Bios.