Changes to Roon 2.0 <-> 1.8 migration coming with this week's release

Starting with next week’s Roon 2.0 production release it will no longer be possible to downgrade a 2.0 database to Roon 1.8 legacy. If you are currently running Roon 2.0 and think that you might want to downgrade then you will want to ensure that you set aside a complete backup of your database prior to taking next week’s update.

If you are currently running Roon 1.8 Legacy or Roon 2.0 with no intention of downgrading to Roon 1.8 Legacy then you can safely ignore the rest of this announcement.

In the past downgrades have not been possible, but for the 2.0 release we created an exception which would allow a database that had been previously used with Roon 2.0 to function correctly with Roon 1.8 Legacy. As stated in the Roon 2.0 release documentation we would allow users to downgrade to Roon 1.8 Legacy by simply installing the software on top of an existing database and that this compatibility period would last for approximately 6 weeks. We are now coming to the end of that compatibility period.

Rest assured we are still committed to our customers running Roon 1.8 Legacy and are not making any changes to our support policy for 1.8 Legacy or the availability of downloads. We still plan official support for 1.8 Legacy through at least the end of 2022 and will continue to make downloads available for long after that.

This change simply eliminates the ability to run Roon 1.8 Legacy on top of a 2.0 database. Should you wish to downgrade in the future you will need to either start over from scratch or restore a backup created with Roon 2.0 build 1143 production or earlier.