Changing Artwork

Probably been asked before, but is there any way of displaying different album covers on multiple disc albums in Roon. For example I have a four disc set (Gomez) and I’m trying to display a different album picture depending on the disc being played, disc 1, disc 2, disc 3 etc?




No. I want that as well. The box is the object and the object has a primary cover (you can select), a review, metadata, etc.

The closest workaround is to paste all your cover pictures in the folder so that you can click on the box cover and sequence through the various other pictures. For example. You could have the latest David Bowie album collection box with the box pic as the cover tile. Once you click on the cover (or pic icon) you can sequence through all your pictures (of the individual album covers inside the box).

The other option is to treat each disc/album as a separate item each with it’s own picture. For my Bowie example, I do that. I ID each disc with it’s individual album to get the review metadata and then edit the catalog number, mastering, issue dates, etc. to reflect it’s from the box (i.e. Hunky Dory (Five Years 1969-1973).

For Super Deluxe I ID the album correctly but treat each disc w/cover as a separate album (i.e. 5.1 mix, bonus tracks, RM Album, etc.).

Another option for album collections is to just show the box and individually add each album as a separate items from Tidal/Qobuz so have both :slight_smile:

Box set handling is a frequently requested topic. Some posts from many months ago have highlighted this request with example pictures.

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