Changing from JRiver to Roon using AES/EBU

my library is being currently run by JRiver and outputted through AES/EBU card on dedicted server. I can get Roon to play but there is no sound. Where is the set-up to allow me to use my AES/EBU output so that i cn hear the music?

Well, Settings / Audio would be the first stop. Enable the Audio Devices you want to use. Under each device there are a number of options to configure. If you enable more than 1 you will have to select which is the active device. If this doesn’t work or you have already done it, then perhaps you could give us some more information like, the OS being used, any drivers, using ASIO, make of the card to give us more to go on.

What is the server, and how are you communicating with it in JRiver?