Changing HQPlayer settings on Roon

I’m using Roon with HQPlayer. And I use both Roon remote and HQPdcontrol app.

HQPlayer users prefer to change PCM/SDM output as playing music genre, and also filters.

So I should:

  1. Stop music on Roon (remote)
  2. Change settings on HQPlayer (HQPdcontrol)
  3. Play music on Roon (remote) again

If Roon (remote) supported HQP setting function, it would be very comfortable.

At least changing output (source/PCM/SDM) and filters/dither/modulator would be good enough.

This needs to be integrated. Now that Big Daddy Harmon has control of Roon, the next logical step is for them to acquire HQPlayer and all of its IP. I will wait patiently. Please by 2025. :grin: