Changing name of SMB music share


I have Roon watching a folder mounted on MacOS from an SMB server. The name of the server (but not the share name or directory names) needs to change soon.

How can I ensure my playlists or other user data end up referring to the new share name and not the old one?



Hi @Stuart_Hungerford ---- Thank you for the post and the question!

If you would like to ensure that any playlists or grooming you have done in Roon is maintained I would recommend using the steps laid out in our knowledge base here on how to perform a “storage migration”.

Let us know how it goes!

Two key points that I can’t emphasize enough…

  1. BACKUP!!! Possibly even two separate backups to two separate locations.
  2. DISABLE FIRST. This isn’t called out enough in the instructions that Eric linked to. Make all of your changes while the location is disabled.

If you edit the location to point to the new share then you’ll likely end up with Roon just coming back online without any trouble. If you add a new share then it will still come back without any issues, but it will likely re-scan your library and give you a slight heart attack while old albums start showing as new again. This will settle as Roon makes its way through the library. Just give it time.

Thanks – will do.


Thanks for the advice (the voice of experience by the sounds of it!).

It sounds like once Roon is happy with the new storage location (i.e. server name change).
Will it internally fixup playlist references to point to the new name?


It should. The key is going to be making sure that your library looks just as it did before you did the migration. If it does then you’re set. If you get a bunch of albums with the “New” banner (that aren’t new) then something went wrong.

You’re doing the simplest case as from the Core’s perspective it’s going to end up seeing the same directories no matter how it got to them. It gets more interesting when you want to change the directory structure from the root of the share onward. Regardless, Roon’s file processing is pretty smart so it usually ends up all right in the end.

Thanks – much appreciated.