Changing sort order within 'albums'

I ‘record’ a lot of BBC Radio and podcasts. These I store in a separate folder on my NAS to Music but both folders are scanned by Roon. These ‘recordings’ are in folders such as The Goons. It would be really useful to be able to sort the contents of these by date added and not just see them alphabetically.

I believe you can create a bookmark based on Folder. Call it BBC Radio and Podcasts, Then sort that bookmark by Data added.

(not at computer to test this out, suggesting from memory)


Thanks but I couldn’t find a way to sort them. Also given I have many folders it would be so much easier if there was an option to sort by date within an album and even easier if one could mark ‘albums’ as being radio programs and just add the sort by date within those.

But I realise my request may be an obscure one. Roon users are obviously music lovers but I guess only a few record radio or podcasts.