Changing username on the forum

Hi @diver110

It’s an option in Preferences (cogwheel under your avatar menu, top right) that users can edit. I’ve deleted your name.

Many thanks. I actually saw that instruction, but now realize I looked in the wrong place.


I cant seem to be able to edit mine…

Hi @Fernando_Fuentes,

I think user name isn’t editable, but name should be. You don’t currently have anything entered in the name box. Best course now is to leave a post in this thread with preferred username. Mods will effect the change.

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I had that issue… a quick ping to @Eric and he not only managed to sort out my name/user but changed it and it even was done on the fly, didn’t even have to re-login IIRC … this forum system is pretty flexible it seems.

I edited the topic a tad from Done to I don’t :slight_smile:


Please @andybob change my user name to “SonicYouth95” or something similar if necessary. Thank you :smiley:

Done !

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i went into prefs and can’t edit my user name…just want jc for username shown please

Hi joe,

Minimum user name length in Discourse is three characters. I’ve changed you to j_c if you like that.

sure thanks.

Please @andybob would you be as kind as to change my user name to orbscure - many thanks in advance my fiend :slight_smile:

@done. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks RBM :smile:

Please change mine to Mads, thx :smile:

Hi @Mads :slight_smile:

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Please change my username to ‘thegentlesurprise’ thanks!

@thegentlesurprise all set

(the “name” field is editable for you)

Awesome, thanks!

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Could you please change my username to ‘Thierry’?

‘Thierry’ is not available – there’s a different user with that name. For now, I’ve changed yours to @Thierry_M – but let me know if you’d like it to be something else.