Changing username

(Janet ) #215

I will chime in with my request to change my User Name to Echolane, please.

(Andrew Cox) #216

All done ! :sweat:

(Daniel) #217

Can you change my username npg1966. Thanks.

(Greg Stratton) #218


Cheers, Greg

(Nat) #219

Can you change my name to: KungFuNat

Thank you


Hi that’s done for you.


Oh boy I just noticed that it posts my real name. Does anyone know how I change that?


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Hi, what would you like it changed to?


Hi can u change it to 4367.


That’s done for you.


Thanks very

(BigAlMc) #226

And me please.

Can you update me to BigAlMc

Many thanks,

(Andrew Cox) #227

All done. :sunglasses:

(BigAlMc) #228

Thanks Andrew


Would you please remove my name ?
Thanks in advance.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #230

Hey Phillipe,

I cannot remove your name, but I can replace it with something else. What would you like for your username?


OK for Phil Active Audio

Thanks in advance !


@Phil_Active_Audio that’s now done for you.

(Ricardo) #233

Can you chance mine to RicoRocks



@RicoRocks, that’s done for you.