Channel Art not displaying for Live Radio only on RoPieeeXL Display

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 2020, macOS Big Sur 11.4 16GB running Roon 1.8 (latest release)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired to XFi Xfinity Router

Connected Audio Devices

USB to Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieeeXL 4.002 with a Display

Library Size

3309 Albums, 7954 Tracks

Description of Issue

The channel art is not showing up in the display for any Live Radio stations. It is, however, working fine for albums and for streaming services like Tidal or QoBuz.

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Hey @Mark_Lipscomb

Welcome to Roon Community! I’m going to migrate your question over to the RoPieee category so our RoPieee users can weigh in on this for you.

I have had multiple Roopiee endpoints in two different locations for a few years now. In my vacation home a few days ago, an update was performed at boot time. After this, indeed the Channel art suddenly seemed to have disappeared. Repeated rebooting of the Roon Core (NUC) and the Roopiee yielded nothing. The other Roopiee at home (actually an identical system) doesn’t display the Channel art anymore, same problem. In short I can confirm the message from the theme starter but cannot solve the problem.


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Maybe it’s got a different cause, since my RPi Diet-Pi Roon bridges also lost most, but not all live radio album covers

Interesting fact is, that the last one showing a cover is a station I added manually, the others are directly selectable from Live Radio…