Channel mapping (Mono to 2.0)

Hey @brian

I’m trying to run Ted Smith’s 24/192 Bit Perfect Test with the Bridge II card and DirectStream -

But I think it’s failing because Roon is doing channel mapping from Mono to 2.0.

Is there any way to disable channel mapping, just to run this test?

Signal path attached

I’m guessing this is why I’m failing the Bit Pefect Test - all DSP is off, as per the signal path.


No, there isn’t.

No worries. I’ll see if Ted can do a Stereo test file

An update for anyone reading this - the mono test file is fine. Channel mapping from mono to stereo in Roon doesn’t change the bits (as expected).

If you see a small green tick in the top left of the DS screen, that’s confirmation that Ted’s bit perfect test file has passed.

I didn’t know what the indicator was for passing his test file, but I do see that green tick so everything is fine.

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What’s best to put in channel mapping or “well” the other thing (sorry but it stands still for the moment :blush:, so I don’t remember it)?

I’m curious about what you were using Ted’s test file for. Doesn’t the signal path in Roon tell you what you need to know about “bitperfectness”?

Yep but there’s no harm in having Ted’s FPGA verify also. Just a once-off quick check and all is well.

@orgel and @dabassgoesboomboom
How about my question about the channel mapping or down mixing as needed?

Hi Anders, I didn’t understand your question.

Brian confirmed above that channel mapping can not be disabled.

Was it something else you were trying?

I was asking if there are some difference between Channel Mapping or Downmix as Needed!
It’s the different alternative that comes up in the same place!
Check out there it stands Channel Mapping and you will see Downmix As Needed!

So my question was if you have tested both?
Or only Channel Mapping!
Because I have tried both but can’t decide what of these two versions are “best” for 2.0 or stereo listening!

I hope you understand that I mean now, if not so go to the place there Channel Mapping stands!

Thanks for a answer about Channel Mapping or Downmix as Needed, maybe there are no difference! Only two choices for each person’s needs or taste :smile:

Sorry Anders, I have no idea. Perhaps Support can help.

I actually wasn’t trying to these 2 options on purpose - I only ended up in those settings trying to solve my problem above, but there was no need in the end. I’m going to leave it on the default ‘Downmix as needed’.

Sorry I can’t be of more help :cry:

It’s okay @dabassgoesboomboom :+1:.
I only asked because you had the “other” choice up for discussion!

Thanks and have a great day :sunny:

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