Chantal Acda's information not coming up with her own albums

I realise you can’t be across every item of data in the system, but it does seem odd that Chantal Acda’s data doesn’t come up for any of her own albums. She collaborates with a lot of people, Bill Frissell and Bruno Bavota among others, and even where every song has been composed by her, the data that comes up is only for Bill Brissell or Bruno Bavota. Albums where there are no collaborators get no notes at all.

How does the system prioritise album information, and are there some artists who opt out of having notes included? It would be interesting to understand how this works.
Thank you.

Possibly because of no biography in her AllMusic bio or English Wikipedia. You might try enabling the Netherlands Wikipedia in your settings’ editorial sources to see something.

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I had no idea I could do that. Thank you.

Works a treat. I’m a tragic monoglot, but Google translate will see me through. Greatly appreciate your speedy reply. Gratitude!

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