Chapeau to the Roon team!

I see this forum flooded with Arc problems, but I am sure that most of us enjoy using Roon Arc. I consider it an amazing achievement that from now on I can listen to my entire home library anywhere.

Chapeau to the Roon team!


Roon ARC + Shure SE535’s via AAC BT on a cold train platform at 7.30AM = HEAVEN :smiley:


Same opinion !

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One of the main reasons that the forum exists is to assist people with their roon problems and queries. Therefore we see mainly people asking for help. We don’t see many posts from people who aren’t having issues and I wonder what the ratio is between these people and the ones who need help. 20:1? 50:1 even?
I’ve never had any serious problems with roon and ARC works perfectly.
Hats off to the roon team!

The last figure shared for the 2.0 adoption was 100k users; being generous and say 500 individual user issues on the forum (It’s less than that once you take out the outraged comments rather than it doesn’t work)
So 200 to 1?

Don’t know the arc numbers but would expect the ratio to be much less given more port issues and lower usage overall. More like your suggestions.

Chapeau ? you’re kidding ?

Nucleus downgrades from 2.0 → 1.8
Can’t upgrade again, need to reinstall it from USB Key
Indexing the local files, can’t connect keeps on Connecting…

My god, that’s serious issue man !
Can’r say Chapeau to such mess…

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