Characters shown in credits aren't in English

Strange, I have the same set (my hometown orchestra!) and no Alma here. Instead I get some Chinese (Japanese?) language gibbering in the production credits. Seems every user gets his own personalised bugs in Roon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t call it a bug - maybe a missing feature. The metadata source (musicbrainz) doesn’t readily provide a transliteration. More specifically, it doesn’t provide an English alias for the Japanese name. Comparing source data and the screenshot, I’d say the data is absolutely fine. For those of us who don’t read the language: our bad.

@joel … I’ve noticed, that for those cases musicbrainz has transliterated sort name values. I wonder if those could get used if no alias can be found?

I hear these excuses every day a few times. I dont care about the metadata provider. I have a subscription with Roon. They need to act if they get delivered bad data - just like I throw rotten tomatos back to the vegetable dealer.

But the data is fine. The discussion here would be if it’s better to not show some data because some may not be able to read it.

Sorry, thats just a nonsense argument. My language settings are English. So I expect data to be presented in a western layout, and not some asian garbadge. The data are certainly not „fine“. Full stop.

And that setting is for UI only. Not for credit names, not for tracks names, not for bio information.

If you set Roon to be Russian, you will still have english for the above. If you set Roon to a Far Eastern language, it would still show the above in English. See:

I know. Thats why I set language back from German to English. i dont like this multi-language mish-mash. I still dont expect to see Chinese or Russian or Hindi characters in the metadata though.

If you plan to maintain metadata and content info in multiple languages, I fully support this, if its linked to the UI language selected.

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