Chick Corea Trio: Trilogy

Chick Corea is not listed as a performer or in the credits as all even though there is a description for the album, so it does not appear on the Chick Corea artist page at all.

Yup, I see the issue. We credit Trilogy only to the trio, when it should be credited to Chick Corea as well.

We’ll look into this. Thanks for the report!

@mike Bump. This is still an issue as of this morning.

Bump. Still an issue. Is there a better place where we are supposed to report these issues? I have found a similar issue (in reverse) with several Michael Stanley Band albums.


Hey @fritzg – we have a ticket open on this from your original report, and that ticket is with @joel now. I know this seems straightforward, but it’s actually a pretty complex bug – if it was a simple data error we would’ve fixed it by now :wink:

Joel and I discussed this today, and I know he’ll be in touch when we’ve made some progress. Additional editing functionality is coming, and obviously that should help here as well.

Sorry to go quiet on you here @fritzg!

Thanks, @mike . From your comment a year ago I thought this was an straightforward fix. I guess I kinda think it still is. Changing the artist on your end should be easy. I also thought with all the recent metadata pgrades that this would be part of that.

At any rate, looking forward to hearing from you or @joel about how to fix this on my end since it seems impossible on the server end.

Same for the Michael Stanley Band albums that have a similar problem.