Children's Corner Turns 'Profane': Film at Eleven

The Andre Watts volume of the Great Pianists set has Debussy’s Children’s Corner on tracks 18-23 of Disc Two. However, the Roon track title is “Danses Sacree et Profane”, also by Debussy:

The files have been deleted and reimported twice to no effect. The tags are correct in all respects.

I have aurally confirmed that these tracks are indeed the Children’s Corner.

Greetings John -

Looks like these are ripped files? If so, wouldn’t your ripping program be at fault?

what could be the fault of the files? The embedded tags are correct. But I never have really understood what Roon does with metadata, so I’m prepared to be surprised.

BTW, what is new “look” for your avatar? It’s … unique. :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t know what it is or where it comes from.

Hail, Satan.:laughing:

It’s not the ripping program. I don’t completely understand, but the root of the confusion is in the identification of both compositions as L.113. There have been similar problems reported here about La Mer and other Debussy pieces.


Hi @John_V,

We are investigating this, but I can’t provide any specific timeframes here. We will be sure to keep you updated when we have new information.