CHILL OUT FM -based in London on Mytuner Pro App

Found this radio station on Mytuner Pro App which is based in London however can’t seem to add using their URL- any ideas as it’s a great station for non stop mellow jazz Latin music with zero adds.

Hello @Martin_Andrews1 , I’ve added Chill Out FM for you. Please check if OK

Big thank you Brian as I can’t listen to most of the commercial due to the ads virtually every 10 minutes just like tv nowadays .
This is a great chill out background station along with Jazz Global out of California who are similar with no ads.

I tried to find that, but unsure which station it is. Googling, I found a station we already have: Is it Smooth Jazz Radio, from

Yes along with Smooth lounge out of Monterey, I think are owned by the same people - all offer great non stop music.

That’s there too: Smooth Lounge Radio, but you probably already knew that…

HDR lounge & chill out of Russia is also a cracking station for people who like chill out ambient jazz music, once you hear stations mainly from abroad I could never go back to listening to the 80% rubbish ads every 10 minute stations we have here.
One of the best is KOITFM out of San Francisco which I listened to originally when my Brother lived in Silicon Valley but for some reason not playable here, I assume a location issue which is a shame as it played a mixture of rock, jazz, old school music.

I assume you have found the HDR stations here - all in Flac quality.

I have added 96.5 KOIT for you. it’s in Christmas mode at the moment.

Big thank you despite only being Christmas music hopefully be back to standard KOIT after 25th December