Choose Default Local Artwork?

Does anyone know how to choose the default image to show for local artwork? I just ripped a CD and scanned the artwork including the CD itself but it is defaulting to showing the CD instead of the cover. I want to switch it to the cover but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. (Before you ask: choosing the Roon artwork instead of local is not an option because the Roon one is bad quality).

Go to the Album page, click the 3 dot menu, choose Edit, Edit Album, Scroll Down to Album Artwork, here you have the option to use Roon, use the File, or add your own. If Roon is choosing the wrong file, then just use the option to select the file you want.

I see no option for choosing an alternative local file. I can see that I can add another image from a file but I don’t want this as wouldn’t it duplicate the file that is already tied to this CD?

Where have you stored the scanned artwork and what name have you given the file? Also, what format is the scanned image?

The files are .jpg but I’ve also scanned them as .pdf and .png. They are in the same directory as the audio files and named ’ - CD Front’, ’ - CD Back’, and ’ - Jewel Case’. Note: there is no cover for this particular album (it’s actually a single). I mean, there may be a way to rename the files to get the one I want shown but doesn’t that seem like a workaround?

No, when you add a file like that it is adding the file into the database. For more see:

I have jpeg artwork either embedded in each flac file, or as a single file in each folder. Roon always seems to pick up the artwork (as an option) regardless of the file name. I’m not sure why it isn’t doing that for you.

@rugby is, of course, correct that you can manually add additional artwork into your database, but that shouldn’t be necessary. Not sure if anybody else has any suggestions!

Hmm, looks like what I’m trying to do is not possible. Should I create a feature request asking for the ability to change the featured artwork for the local art? What do you think?

If I’m remembering correctly, I ran into a situation like this and was able to get Roon to use the local image I wanted to use. However, that was a long time ago and I don’t remember how I did it (it wasn’t through the normal Album Edit function).

If I can find my old posts about it I’ll link it.

Ha! I found the post I was thinking of. Here’s a pic if the particular post

When you go to the album in question (the page shown in my post), do you see anything beside the row of stars like I described? Granted, that was with v1.7, so it may be different or not there now.

PS - You may have to go into Edit Album first and select Prefer File for album artwork.

That’s it! I didn’t need to specifically set “prefer file”. When I cycled through the images, the images that aren’t the cover aren’t an “image info” link appears. When I clicked on this link, it gave me the option to select another cover (“set at album cover”):

A bit of a convoluted process but it works!

Thanks everyone for your help!

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I’m glad it worked for you. :grinning::+1:

It would be much easier if Roon let you do this under Edit Album. Instead of just an option to “Prefer File”, actual show what options are in the file and let one choose.

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