Choose file format per playing device

I would like to have different versions of the same album in the same directory (ie DSF, FLAC and MP3) and been able for Roon to identify as a single album and been able to send specific versions to different players.


Why don’t you set up DSP to the preference you have for each zone?

Roon will never send MP3 or Flac it decodes all none DSD files to PCM before sending to any device so the devices don’t have to worry about formats this will not change its one of their core principles.

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Thanks for your answers, I now see that I had 2 incorrect ideas:

  1. The first one is that the actual file was sent, when in fact a stream of bytes (seem like either DSD or PCM or MQA) are sent to the device depending on the capabilities of the DAC.
  2. The second was that Roon was not recognizing multiple formats in the same directory (ie if I have a DSD and FLAC) version when in fact it does: it recognizes a different album and groups them together, however it will show only 1 of them. Later you can go to the Album->Versions and ungroup them if wanted.

As a matter of fact I like this group/ungroup, it works really well. Maybe it will be better to ungroup by default but works never the less.