Choose NAS Storage as music storage folder

I am new to Roon and would appreciate if someone can tell me how to point to my NAS storage where my music library is stored. I have Mycloud PR2100 running on my home network. And when I am in Roon (ROCK installed on a NUC, also on the same home network), following is what I see:

But I am not sure what to fill in the network share location. I have tried : or
Does not seem to work.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks Larry

Hi Johm,

Tried as you suggested: http:\\

No luck.

Sorry that should have been two hash marks to begin grr string. \\ also try it without the http.

Somehow I keep getting edited from two harsh marks down to one. I have no idea why. \ I just did it again.

Have you seen this KB article? It may help.

John - it’s a “feature” of the Discourse Forum software, which is used here. You need to type an extra \ thus: \\

Thanks for the quotes around “feature”. I thought I was going nuts.

I use that form, but with a directory, i.e. \\\Music

Resolved, thanks for all the help